Ayurveda means the science or knowledge of life. It is an ancient , holistic therapy for body and mind pratised in India and Sri Lanka for some 5000 years, using diet, herbs, oils, and animal products, yoga and meditation to heal and rejuvenate. It believes the life forces, or doshas of an individual must be balanced to enjoy good health. Ayurveda restores the balance of those energies known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The casual visitor to Sri Lanka may enjoy the de-stressing and toning massages and herbal baths as part of a holiday pick me up. However , serious treatments must be taken over a period of weeks or months and will begin with a thorough medical review by a well-qualified specialist. It is believed and claimed that many conditions can be alleviated or cured by Ayurveda, including arthritis, migraine, exhaustion, high blood pressure, depression, cystitis, asthma, nicotine, and heroin addiction. Whilst there is no published evidence, many ayurveda patients extolling the virtues of its effects are post operative and post –chemotharapy patients.
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